The AX200 series is ideally suited for small clinics, remote emergency medical facilities, physician offices, DNA laboratories   and any location where space is a premium. Its small footprint and quiet operation allow it to be used just about anywhere in these facilities, and its 105 seconds processing speed allows for fast analysis of critical images.

This microprocessor controlled unit is designed to provide continuous operation with minimum downtime. Additionally, it only has one circuit board which controls all operations. Thus, if something should go awry, getting you back up and running can be as easy as swapping out that single board.

It is very easy to operate and maintain this small x-ray film processor. Anyone on staff can be taught to perform the routine maintenance necessary for your medical team to consistently produce quality images.

To assist in reducing the need for maintenance every AX200 is equipped with jog cycle and anti-crystallization mechanisms. Also, this unit has an air gap in the incoming water line. This distinctive design eliminates backflow into the water system. With the AX200 you can have a high degree of confidence that you will obtain quality images time and again.

Furthermore, the AX200 is designed to provide years of tireless service. Since the frame and tanks are a molded plastic, there are no points for corrosion.

The AX200 is the latest addition to Alphatek’s family of x-ray film processors that we have been manufacturing for more than 30 years.